Starting to prepare for Camino 2013

Have started to think about the list of gear and equipment for our 2013 Camino.  Is this too early? There are still 55 weeks to go.

We have made the call to use lighter sleeping bags next year and have already purchased 2 new bags weighing only 550 grams each including our silk liners.  Funny, in our first Camino we used our long time trusted snogum bags without even thinking about what they weighed.  I have just weighed them now and found they are 1400 grams each.  So very excited that we have just dropped 2 kilos between us in one simple decision and purchase.  What next?


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A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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2 Responses to Starting to prepare for Camino 2013

  1. Warren Paterson (WanderinWazza) says:

    Hello Ian, what is the brand & model of your new 550 gm sleeping bag. Thanks Warren.


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