Last outdoor training for Kilimanjaro

On Saturday, Roger and I walked up Mt Donna Buang AND down again in about 6 hours including breaks for rest and to check for leeches who were plentiful in the conditions. A tough day in rain and cloud cover, picking our way through mud, 25 % slopes and constantly pushing through wet vegetation. The light was so dismal we would have done better if we had worn our head torches. Resting at the top we soon became very cold and we had put on all the clothes we had with us and soon started the dreaded downhill section. After about 30 minutes the warmth started to return to our fingers and bodies generally. By the time we reached the bottom over 2 hours later it was more about stripping off the layers to get cool. Glad that’s finished and now just a couple of indoor sessions in the altitude room and I think we have prepared as best we can for the upcoming 5800 metre high walk. Fingers crossed for us and all our fellow walkers. Countdown on now to the first day of the trek on Saturday 28th June.

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A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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  1. alma says:

    will keep looking alma


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