These Boots are made for walking

Bought these ‘Keen’ boots in March 2012.  They were to be used for our planned Camino in April of 2013 which we had to cancel.  Actually we have just postponed until a Le Puy Camino to SDC in 2017 / 18 when we will have all the time in the world we hope.  Will these boots last until then I wonder?

So far they have been used to train for the postponed 2013 Camino, have been up to Mt Feathertop in Victoria in the snow, traversed the Tongariro crossing in New Zealand, completed more than 200 ks of ‘training for the Oxfam Trailwalker charity event in Melbourne.  Completed the 2014, 100k Trailwalker event and recently took me up and down Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa.  What next?  They are still as good as new (to me anyway) and they cost me about $100 back then (on special) so I can’t really complain I guess and they still have the original laces as well.

At the moment they are just sitting on our balcony getting aired after their dusty experience in Tanzania.


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A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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