Feedback required

Hi everyone

We have had our blog ‘walkingtotheend’ on line now for several years.

When possible we put up some details of our various trips and adventures and even our plans for future opportunities.

It continues to amaze us that we get people visiting our site daily and from so many parts of the world.  Brazil in particular seems to visit our site daily.

It is very satisfying to know people are interested from far and wide and regardless of our home country we share common interests and values.

We are hoping to hear from those of you that visit the site and tell us what you think of our content, do you visit regularly and if so why. Or, any other comments you wish to make.

As we near our retirement age and more time will be available to us, our plans for further adventures come ever closer to reality and we like to think we will be able to document words and pictures via  our blog that are interesting to the readers.  We also think it may now be time to consider making changes in sites format, content or otherwise based on your feedback.

Please reply if you can find the time via the comments section under this post.

Have a good weekend



About walkingtotheend

A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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