Where would you like to walk to next?

After our recent cancellation of Cathedrals Ranges walk due to the weather I was thinking about all the places we still would like to walk.

Still haven’t been to Machu Picchu – need to find some time and money to do that in next few years.  Keen to do something in Queensland, Mt Kosciusko, maybe the highest points in each of the states, central Australia and of course there are many more in NZ to try. Of course, we have the LePuy – Camino on the radar, maybe a few hundred k’s around the Lake District, the Cotswold Way …..

Where do you want to walk?

How can we do all this when we need to work and the body keeps getting older and more creaky?




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A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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1 Response to Where would you like to walk to next?

  1. Beverley Ann Joyce says:

    Commencing my Camino de Santiago next week – 73 years young – wish me luck


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