Greece. Day 2

Day 2

September 7


Kalamos to Astakos (on mainland)

Weather hot.

Sailed to swimming cove again. Beautiful spot with turquoise waters. Swam to shore again. Nice lunch on board and off towards Astakos but thought we would stay on anchor in small bay just before. Set anchor and then the wind picked up and we soon decided to keep going to Astakos for the protection of the ports breakwater. Was welcomed by local tavern owner who was very useful in his direction for the tie points and ropes etc. Our cap’n got a little tetchy but we ultimately were safely secured.

Clouds came over and some very light rain. We had a few drinks in tavern and toasted special friend at home. The weather changed again so another hot night for sleeping loomed. Cath and I slept on deck which was cooler but we got a few more rain sprinkles through the night to test our resolve. 


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