Greece Day 4

Day 4 September 9. Wednesday

Weather light winds and warm but overcast.

Ithika to Nikolaos on the island of Zakinthos

Our aim was to go further but we called onto the tourist town of Port Nicholas famous for its shipwreck and coastal caves. Whilst tied up there we heard of impending bad weather so decided to stay put for the evening. Many precautions were made to secure the boat and anchor including tying up to neighbours boat. Alas, about midnight we were all up trying to avoid our boat crashing into the concrete moorings. We were running around in only shorts and the rain started with a vengeance. The first mate was up at the bow doing his anchoring duties for almost an hour in torrential rain and wind getting colder and colder. We made the call to cast off and anchor mid harbour which took away the risk of us hitting another boat or the wharf. However it meant for a lot of tossing about like a cork so sleep was hard. Half the crew were seasick at this point. Cap’n and the chief organiser kept watch until the early hours.

Dinner before the storm


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