Greece. Day 7

Day 7

September 12


Warm with variable winds

Kefalonia cove to Poros ( still on island of Kefalonia)

Today we experienced a mix of winds, from dead calm to over 20 knots. Over 6 hours we started with just the head sail and tacked several times at about an average of 6 knots boat speed until we simply stopped in the middle of the straight. Using the motor we for a short time we moved further from land and quickly found some real wind gusting to well over 20 knots. The cap’n took the wheel and w raised the main sail as were away, flying through the swells and white caps back and forward for 3 hours, finally entering the protected mooring at Poros.  Anchoring was a challenge due to heavy sea grass but our efforts were applauded by spectators on the dock.  Our third attempt was successful and a spectator from Perth provided us an Aust flag as a reward.  Poros is beautiful little town where we enjoyed cocktails in a cafe built around the coastal rocks. Some of us even talked about buying a cafe here.


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