Greece. Day 8

Day 8

Sept 12


Weather hot.

Kefalonia island to Poros (still on Island of Kefalonia)

Today we experienced a mix of winds, from dead calm to over 20 knots. Over around 6 hours we started with just the head sail and tacked several times at about an average of 6 knots boat speed until we simply stopped in the middle of the straight. Using the motors for a short time we moved further from land and quickly found some real wind gusting to well over 25 knots. The Cap’n took over the wheel and we raised the main sail as well and away we went through big swells and white caps back and forward for around 3 hours finally entering the mooring at Poros behind the protective wall. Anchoring was a challenge due to heavy vegetation on the harbour floor but our sport was appreciated by a large group of yacht types being spectators on the shore. We were successful at the third attempt and were awarded a free Australian flag for our efforts. Poros is beautiful little town and we enjoyed cocktails in a restaurant built into the rocks on the waterfront. We may stay here a while. Some of the crew talked about buying a cafe?


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