Greece. Day 11

Day 11Sept 15


Fiscardo to Ithika

Weather hot – no wind.
Left the beautiful town of Fiscardo around 11 am after looking around and having breakfast (eggs Benedict). Purchased a few things and settled back on boat. First mate bought a new hat and tee shirt.

We used the dingy to get a couple of the crew to shore in the village whilst the rest of us used the dingy to get to the rocks where our ropes were attached and then walked into town. There were many examples of Venetian architecture in this town most of which had survived the earthquake of 1953.

Stopped for morning swim after an hour. Great sight seeing our resident hairdresser washing and conditioning everyone ones hair on side of boat after their swim in the sea water. Talk about luxury.

Arrived at Ithika Island around 4.40pm and had to anchor with bow stern lines as per previous night due to all the moorings being used by yachts arriving earlier than us. More swimming over to attach our lines to the rocks. Used dingy for a few of us to go into town for some groceries and ice cream. This is a terrific little village with picturesque buildings. Water clear as crystal. 



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