Greece. Day 14

Day 14

September 18


Weather hot

Meganisi to base at Lefkada (last day boohoo)

After very hot and humid night we woke at 7am, used dinghy to get to shore and walked through some bush tracks which opened up to a rural road and then some long steps down to the local village. Found great cafe for coffee and bought some bread at the local bakery. Back to boat for breakfast and cast off to swimming spot further out from the shore. We needed to refuel with diesel today before we take the boat back later this afternoon. Total cost 204 euros. Not bad for the motoring we had done over the 2 weeks. Visited Lefkada and had dinner in the square and was able to witness three speakers pushing themselves for election on the coming Sunday. It all sounded a bit Greek to us but we’re sure they were all promising the impossible like our own politicians do each election cycle. There were a few locals showing some interest but the majority of the population seem to be fed up with ongoing elections. On our visits to the coastal villages there appears to be little economic hardship but in Athens it is very clear with hundreds of buildings and infrastructure projects simply stopped in their tracks.  


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