Greece. Day 15

Day 15

September 19


Weather hot

We left the boat after our last night on board in the Lefkada mooring.

Our bus was at 12.30pm so we waited around the hotel pool in the heat until about 11.15am and then walked with all our bags about 1 kilometre to the bus terminal. It was a 5.5 hour trip back to Athens but at least we had air conditioning.

On bus back to Athens there are hundreds of kilometres of freeway half built with machinery simply parked idle. I assume it is all waiting for funding before it can progress. There were many half built bridges that would one day connect to roads not yet built. Also a lot of concrete with reinforcing rods hanging out waiting to connect with the next section whenever that happens.

We arrived back at 6pm and took short taxi trip to hotels near the Plaka district and arranged to meet up for dinner at 830. We had drinks at a local bakery that sold us beer and wine and gave us nibbles. Then a stroll down to Plaka proper for a great meal on a rooftop with the view of the floodlit Acropolis. It was a wonderful end to our Greek experience.

A wonderful country and people and so much history that underpins the way our western democracies are founded. We need to make sure Greece is supported in every way we can even if it’s just visiting to see the living history. Oh, the foods great too, and the countryside, and the islands and of course the beautiful waters.


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