Greece September 2015 – Picture story

In September 2015 we spent several weeks in Greece together with 6 friends.

Our team was made up of Cap’n Ray, Chief organiser Marie, First mate Rog and the rest of the crew, Roz, Francine, Pauline, Cath and me.

We hired a yacht (with us as the crew) and sailed for 14 days around the islands of the Ionian Sea (Western side of Greece).  With Cap’n Ray as our skipper we successfully managed to avoid damage to the boat despite long periods of perfect weather and one major storm which we christened “The Tempest”.  See the blog posts for some details of each day,

Cath and I  arrived in Athens and were able to fit in a day tour of some of the sites as the pictures will show. After meeting the others at the airport the following day we took a   long bus trip to Lefkada (about 5 hours) , spent another night in a hotel before sailing out   of the harbour for 14 days on the high seas (perhaps flat seas – except for the tempest day).

On our return to Lefkada after the two weeks sailing we spent another night and witnessed the local politicians spruiking in preparation for the national election to be held on the following Sunday.  Lefkada is a wonderful town.

Back to Athens by bus and another great day and night with such a great crew drinking and eating at Plaka adjacent to the famous Acropolis.

A fantastic adventure of sailing and doing tourist type things. Eating all the Greek favourites and indulging in the local wines, beers and ouzo. Coffee not so good.

Looking forward to repeating this type of experience in the future.


Thanks again to the great Led Zeppelin for the music background

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