Le Jog – September 2016

Well our Greek sailing experience is now behind us. It was fantastic as I have indicated in previous blogs and there is already talk of something similar in 2017. 

Our next adventure though is luckily only about 10 months away.

The aim is to ride my bike from Lands’ End (England) to John O Groats (Scotland) a popular route in the UK known as the ‘LeJog’ . At the end the plan is to catch up with Cath who will have already done some travel around Ireland (by car) of which I am very envious.

The plan is to start riding on August 30th 2016 and end on September 30th 2016 – 32 days of riding to cover about 1700 K’s.

Luckily, I have been invited to do this as part of a team of old mates made up of Mick, Doug, Dave and myself together with George as our support crewperson who will be driving a camper home for sleeping and hiding in during bad weather.

Personally, I have only just started training although Doug and Mick have been on their bikes for months. I am hoping to cover about 100 to 150 ks most weeks in training between now and next September.  On the actual event the aim is for us to average around 80ks per day which leaves us quite a few ‘spare’ or rest days.

 So I will put up some occasional posts up during this next 10 month training period and then daily during the 32 days next year and hope it is of interest.

At the end of the ride (next October) Cath and I also then hope to see some sights in France, Austria and the Czech Republic all by train but more on that later.

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