Leave for LEJOG in 5 days

Lots of nerves happening across on rememberingjohn.org – have a look

The walkingtotheend.com 2016 adventure is about to commence

Following the big LEJOG ride, Cath and I off to France by train (from London)  staying with our good friends in Beaune  for few days and then going to wander around Europe for 2 weeks dropping in on Vienna, Prague and Auschwitz.  Just transport and bags to worry about and still need to work our best route, accommodation and logistics – as long as we get back to London for our plane back to Melbourne on the October 14th we should be ok.

Will do some posts along the way on this site but for the ride keep up with the daily posts on rememberingjohn.org


Spain and it was very cold


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A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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