Europe 2016, Tuesday 11th

Lots happened over last few days.

After our time in France last week on Sunday we travelled to Lyon airport by car thanks to Ernie and caught the 11.30am flight to Brussells and then onto Vienna arriving about 530pm in the afternoon. 

Then a taxi to our hotel ‘Hotel Pension Amelia’ and finally got to put our feet up. Caught up with Roz and Roger that evening who are travelling with John and Joan (Rogers cousins from Wales). Had a great dinner in the local restaurant serving up the local dishes of sausage and cabbage and of course Austrian beer.

Then Monday (yesterday) we spent the day walking through Vienna and saw a series of amazing landmarks and spent several hours exploring the Belvedere Palace. In all we walked about 8 kilometres so lots of sore feet for us all.

Below is a series of pictures from the  palace and various streets and buildings throughout our walk yesterday.

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