Europe 2016, October 5th

Well we finished the long ride from Lands End to Jon O Groats in the UK a  days back. See for the full blog.

Have now caught up with Cath in Jon O Groats and started second part of this years adventure.

Firstly, we travelled together with the full LeJog team  back to London, arriving last Sunday and after a night in London caught the Eurostar to Paris with Frances and Mick . We had a few spare hours there and a great lunch in the sun. Then another train to Dijon and finally a local train to Beaune where Ernie picked us all up and took us to his and Chris’s lovely home in Cissey.

Yesterday was spent in Beaune town and a local winery. Today spent in Chateauneuf and Dijon. A fantastic two days and loved the whole feel of Dijon and its buildings and people.  This whole region of France seems so content with itself, full of pride and rightly so. Everything is clean and well managed from the waterways to the forests, fields and streets. I understand taxes are high but it seems they provide plenty of good services to the community.

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