Cath and Ian’s Camino and beyond 2018

One day to go before we get on that plane to Paris.

I have finished work now and am officially unemployed which feels good and scary at the same time. Something to ponder on our return

Pooki has already started her holiday with Aunty Marion and we wont see her for now over 2 months.  That’s feels very strange but is probably more of a concern for us than Pooki.


POOKI – she has had a hair cut since this picture was taken

Today is all about sorting out our affairs and the house whilst finishing our packing and weighing our back packs which we intend to carry for a month across France. We intend to have around 15 kilos between the 2 of us.

Below are our rough plans for each day – starting off with less K’s at the start but building up as we go.  If we fall behind at any stage we will look to catch up by doing a leg or two on the bus.  This Camino is about enjoying each day and we don’t intend to push ourselves to the point that it becomes all about sore bodies and feet.

6th Sept Thu               16K                       Le Puy-en-Velay – Montbonnet

7th Sept Fri                 14.7K                     Montbonnet – Monistrol d’ Alliere

8th Sept Sat                19.2K                     Monistrol d’ Alliere  – La Clauze

9th Sept Sun               21.5K                    La Clauze – La Rouget

10th Sept Mon            18K                      La Rouget – Aumont Aubrac

11th Sept Tue           26.5K                     Aumont Aubrac – Nasbinals

12th Sept Wed        31.3K                      Nasbinals – Saint – Come- d’oit

13th Sept Thu        30.3K                       Saint – Come- d’oit – Massip

14th Sept Fri        24.6K                        Massip – Conques

15th Sept Sat         0K                            Conques

16th Sept Sun     23.5K                         Conques – Livinhac-le-Haut

17th Sept Mon     25.6K                       Livinhac-le-Haut – Figeac

18th Sept Tue      33.7K                       Figeac – Cajarc

19th Sept Wed     28K                         Cajarc – Limogne-en-Quercy

20th Sept Thu     27K                          Limogne-en-Quercy – La Pech (Cahors)

21st Sept Fri     23.3K                         La Pech – Trigodina

22nd Sept Sat    31.1K                       Trigodina – Lauzerte

23rd Sept Sun     24K                         Lauzerte – Moissac

24th Sept Mon    0K                           Moissac

25th Sept Tue    20.8K                       Moissac – Auvillar

26th Sept Wed    21.8K                    Auvillar – Castet-Arrouy

27th Sept Thu    19.5K                     Castet-Arrouy – Marsolan

28th Sept Fri    24.7K                      Marsolan – Condom

29th Sept Sat     0K                          Condom

30th Sept Sun        25.2K                Condom – Lamothe

1st Oct  Mon        27.5K                  Lamothe – Nogaro

2nd Oct  Tue        28.9K                 Nogaro – Aire-sur-l’Adour

3rd Oct  Wed       23.5K                 Aire-sur-l’Adour – Pimbo

4th Oct  Thu     26.9K                    Pimbo – Pomps

5th Oct Fri      27.1K                      Pomps – Sauvelade

6th Oct  Sat      32.7K                    Sauvelade – Aroue

7th Oct  Sun     23.7                      Aroue – Ostabat

8th Oct  Mon     22.5K                  Ostabat – Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port

9th Oct  Tue                Rest day    St Jean

10th Oct  Wed            Rest day    St Jean

And then off to Poland by plane.


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1 Response to Cath and Ian’s Camino and beyond 2018

  1. Robyne Young says:

    Will be thinking of you each day as you live out all that you have planned. Have fun, stay safe and we look forward to catching up on your return. It feels so far away but before we know it you’ll be back!


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