Cath and Ian’s Camino and beyond 2018

Wednesday August 29

Started our travels from Melbourne to Paris and currently in Hong Kong stopover for 3 hours. In the Cathay Pacific lounge and there is food everywhere but we we can’t fit any more in after getting multiple meals on plane.

Our first experience on a plane with flat beds and what a difference it made on the quality of our sleeping. Wish we could do this all the time.

We met a nice couple from Inverloch in Melbourne airport who were on their way to England and discovered he was involved with Bass Coast Health which is where Cath is starting a role on our return from the travels.

We are about to start the 12 hour leg to Paris arriving around 5 tonight. I guess it’s movie time.

Looking forward to catching up with Frances and Mick tonight for a meal and exploring Paris together tomorrow.

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1 Response to Cath and Ian’s Camino and beyond 2018

  1. marion says:

    small world or what ??? Bass Coast Health . Pooki and I are good X


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