Cath and Ian’s Camino – 2018

Tuesday 4th September

Our group is now 4 (Mick, Frances, Catherine and me). Chris and Ernie have had to unfortunately miss their trip to Le Puy and sort out the breakdown on the car yesterday. We said our farewells and travelled by train from Beaune to Lyon. Very fast train arriving at Lyon around midday with 20 minutes to find the right platform for the train onwards to Le Puy. We were dreading this as we still have a lot of heavy luggage ( because of our planned post Camino travels) and would need to carry it all to another platform. I carried most of it down the steps before discovering the train we needed was actually on the same platform on which we had arrived. Anyway, back up the stairs and we safely on the train to Le Puy with time to spare. This next leg of the journey took 2 hours or so, stopping at many stations as it wound itself through the green hills and valleys. We arrived at 220pm. We were staying at an Airbnb and the owner kindly picked us up in his car. It is very nice but about 2 ks from the town centre so lots of walking and buses tomorrow.

After settling in we walked into the centre of town for a late lunch and checked out the cathedral and the wonderful Cobblestone streets and buildings. We intend to do this again tomorrow as well as find out about our luggage transfers, obtaining a credential and how we can attend the pilgrims mass on Thursday morning.

Just one more day before we start walking. Very excited.

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