Cath and Ian’s Camino – 2018

Thursday 6th September

Well we have started.

Getting up at 6 am was unpopular this morning but it allowed us to get a taxi to the Cathedral for the 7am mass followed by the blessing to all the pilgrims leaving today. Whilst we are not religious is was still a very moving experience.

So we left the Cathedral around 8am to discover some serious rain so immediately had to get into the wet weather gear.

Our plan was to get some breakfast on the route but unfortunately we could not find a cafe along the full days walk. Lesson learned – always have food in your pack.

We walked up out of Le Puy struggling against the rain and soo sheltered under to little grandstand of the local football team. Soon the rain eased and off we went up the hill once more. Along the way we walked through many villages and fields of corn that was higher than we were.

At one point we were walking with 2 Canadians and came across a crossroads with no clear signage as to which way to walk. We guessed right and eventually found our way to the Le Grange Gite in Montbonnet with another dozen walkers and had a great community meal eventually getting to bed around 9pm.

A wet start to our walk but very interesting and to be remembered.

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