Cath and Ian’s Camino 2018

Friday 14th September.

Well we arrived in Conques today as planned.

We left Nasbinals at 10am via the Compostela bus and traveled for 2 hours to cover about 90 ks . The bus travels along the Camino daily through each village on the route picking up and dropping off pilgrims along the way. We meet a nice American couple on the bus from Colorado who were also moving on to Conques. On arrival we were amazed at the beauty of this village which I understand is rated Frances number one prettiest village.

Cath is still having problems with her injuries that all started on day one with the bad weather and the extensive hills. We have been trying to work around these by having Cath’s backpack transported each day and did intend to complete the first half of the Camino in Cahors but today made a big decision that this is not what we want to do. Apart from the likelihood of Cath getting some permanent injuries if we continue this way we are finding it takes us too much time having to set up our accommodation and carriage services each day and it costing us too much as well. This was not how we imagined this Camino when we planned it.

So our plan now is to have another day in Conques and then move onto Cahors ASAP and then travel across to Ireland and England for a couple of weeks. We have never been to Ireland but have always intended to so this is our opportunity.

Our other travel plans will remain the same from early October.

Check out these wonderful pictures of Conques

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1 Response to Cath and Ian’s Camino 2018

  1. Madeline Townsend says:

    What a beautiful place! Sorry you’ve had to change plans – but what a great opportunity to go to Ireland, looking forward to more posts.
    Best test the Guinness thoroughly while you are there too 😉


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