Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Sunday 16th September

Still in Conques this morning but after breakfast and farewell to our accommodation we slowly carried our packs up the long hill one more time to visit the museum and wait for the bus. We were able to leave our packs at the museum receptions and hired a iPad that spoke to us in English whilst we walked around the Church, museum and other middle age buildings. We also sat in on first 30 minutes of the mass service at 11 am. We had no idea what was going on but stood and sat when the others did and enjoyed the atmosphere, chanting and singing in such a huge building with fantastic acoustics. We had to sneak out at 11.30am to finish our iPad tour and get up to the bus stop for 1245pm. The bus trip seemed to go forever but it was four hours driving to do what had taken more than a week to walk.

We finally arrived in Le Puy at 5 pm and discovered a festival going on related to we think one of the French revolutions. There was a long and loud parade in the Main Street (which we needed to cross to get to our accommodation in the old city on the hill up to the Cathedral). Our rooms are very old but lots of character and close to everything. We then were able to walk back into Main Street and get our suit cases back and been reunited with clothes and things we had not seen for what seen for such a long time. My computer was also in them and had survived well.

Had late dinner and off to bed around 10.

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