Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Friday 21st September

Our first day in the Uk.

Issues to sort out today are to get a UK chip for the IPad and pick up a hire car at St Pancras international car park – that is once we can find the car park.

Contrary to our Google search there is no VodaPhone shop in the station but we did find we could get a 5 gig chip for 15 pounds at the WH Smith shop. A friendly assistant there not only sold it to me, he also inserted it into my iPad and activated it using his own mobile phone. So problem 1 solved in 15 minutes. Then we had yogurt, fruit and coffee for breakfast in the chaos of St Pancras station.

Found the car park and were in our car in 30 minutes. Aust$1000 for a 20day hire. So problem 2 solved. Another problem has arose though in that the hire car can’t be taken over to Ireland so another issue to solve in next few weeks.

So we drove out of London without damaging the car and getting lost. Luckily the car had a sat nav so where to drive was not hard. The main issue was the traffic and the fact I hadn’t driven a car for a month, the indicators were on the left hand side of the steering wheel and the car kept beeping me to warn about speed cameras and upcoming traffic lights. Sometimes I think safety stuff makes driving less safe as it demands your attention onto the screen when really you should be looking forward to see where the car is going.

We found our way up the A1 until we hit the London circular motorway M25 and turned west and eventually turned off on the M4 after deciding to head for Devon and Cornwall as our starting point.

On the M4 we turned off to visit Castle Coombe which Cath had visited 2 years ago and was keen to show me. It was a beautiful village and we enjoyed a ploughmans lunch at the local pub.

We continued driving to the Glastonbury area and ended up staying about 7 miles out of town in a nice little pub for 80 pounds including a cooked breakfast. Having the car is great as don’t necessarily need to be in the centre of towns.

A long day but we seem to have worked out a system for out UK travels over the next few weeks.

Down to Cornwall in the morning

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