Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Friday, September 28th

Left Porthcawl at 9am after another cooked breakfast. My weight is now a worry –  eating all these English meals, pints of beer and driving.

Decided to head along Welsh coast heading west and then north.  We arrived at Fishguard around 11am, This was a lovely place with lots of spectacular views. It also is the one of the points you can get a ferry over to Ireland (which we were very tempted to do). Took some good pictures looking across the protected bay and walked along the long breakwater protecting the harbour where the ferry berths every day.

After having Welsh cakes and coffee we took off again until we found Aberporth half way up the West Coast at about 2pm where we are staying in a guest house for one night.

This is our first guest house (all other nights have been at pubs so far) and the room and bathroom is nice and new although the remainder of the place is a bit like Faulty Towers.  Fantastic views from our 3rd story room.

Tomorrow we are aiming to drive to Snowdonia, staying for 3 nights and hoping to explore Mt Snowdon.


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