Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Saturday, 29th September

On road by 930am today.  We have booked the next 7 days accomodation so feel strangely organised.

Today we are off to the Snowdonia region on the northern Welsh coastline.  We have 3 days and nights planned for this region based out of Barmouth.

Travelled through Aberystwyth on the way which we found a bit disappointing, shabby and not as we had imagined. It had a great position with the surrounding hills and coastline but it’s esplanade seemed to be a long row of almost empty and run down buildings.  We intended to stop for a while but after driving around the town we simply could not find a place to park.  We also saw a lot of police down one end of beach where there were some rocky cliffs. They seemed to be trying to coax someone down which was sad. We hope it all ended well.

Back on the road we arrived in Barmouth by 1pm and found a park outside our guest house and had quick wander around town as we couldn’t check in until 2pm. This place was similar to Aberystwyth in size and coastal location but much more cared for and a holiday vibe to the place. Being Saturday there was also a running and swimming event happening.

We checked in and met the family who owned the house and went for another walk later in the afternoon over a very long wooden railway bridge across the river.  Had dinner in local pub this evening and fell into bed about 9 knackered after long day.  

We are we seeing some amazing places throughout Wales travelling this way without any urgency allowing us the time to stop to take things in as we discover them.

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