Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Wednesday, 10th October

Today we travelled to London to drop off our hire car which has served us well for the last 20 days. We have covered 2100 miles travelling from St Pancras station in London west to Cornwall and Devon and then north east to the Cotswolds to catch up with some of my family. Then west to South Wales followed by a week northwards along the fantastic western coast of Wales seeing the many castles and lovely old houses and picturesque villages.

We eventually turned east back to England visiting Manchester on our route north west to the Lake District calling in on Kendal, staying in Keswick and visiting the resting place of Caths Dad and Grandparents near Mowbray with their view across the Solway Firth to Scotland.

We then went south east to York, continuing on south to Cambridge and then further south back to St Pancras station London today arriving around 230pm

It was a challenge driving on this final day through the streets of London and finally dropping off the car after using 5 tanks of petrol at about Aust $2.50 a litre. Most importantly we didn’t have a scratch on the car and will get our security deposit back although I did get an email today saying we had received a parking fine somewhere in Wales. Something I will need to sort out when back at home.

We have booked a room next to station for this evening. It’s not great but it’s location allows us to easily walk to the station in the morning where we catch the 11.30am Eurostar back across to Paris for a couple of days as we start our next set of adventures in several other European countries.

I have put on a couple of pictures from our hotel window across to Kings cross and St Pancras rail stations.

Paris tomorrow.

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