Cath and Ian’s travels 2018k

Saturday 13th October

Up early as we had booked a taxi to airport for 8am and still had to pack. Not a great nights sleep as kept waking up worrying about ‘sleeping in’ as you do.

Anyway, we were up at 6 and packed ready to go by 7 so then had to wait an hour. Hmmm.

Went outside to meet the booked taxi who hadn’t turned up by 815am so we walked to the next intersection and hailed one down. We were worried for a moment but no problems in the end. There is a standard flat charge of 50 Euros from Paris city to the Charles de Gualle airport which seems very fair as it’s a long way.

We checked in with no issues and then sat on tarmac for 20 minutes due to wind direction on take off. Our first leg was to Zurich so we hoped we would not miss the connecting flight. As we approached Zurich the plane was again delayed for a further 20 minutes due to fog. Finally landed at 11.25am and managed to get the connecting flight ‘just’. I also noticed our 2 cases be transferred successfully as we climbed the staircase onto the plane.

Our weather has been wonderful to date in Paris, Zurich and Krakow – Sunny and mid twenties.

Arrived in Krakow with no issues, straight off plane, our bags appeared quickly so whoosh we were in a taxi within 15 minutes and off to hotel.  Trip didn’t take long as we were going down the freeway around 150ks per hour. We grit our teeth and held on.  

We booked the hotel Amber several months ago and can now feel pretty good about ourselves as it is fantastic plus it is on the edge of the old city and so many of the sites are within walking distance.  We had a quick look around town late this afternoon and were amazed at what we saw finally having dinner in the city square and managed to get lost walking back to hotel.

Will be exploring more fully tomorrow following a couple of walking tour routes.  

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