Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Sunday 14th October 

Our first full day in Krakow.  

After breakfast and with guide book from the hotel in hand we followed a walking tour route of the old city.  It was supposed to be about 3.5 kilometres but we probably covered twice that as we went off course to investigate so many buildings, laneways, shops and street markets.

We also kept kept finding ourself being blocked by lots of temporary street barriers and then realised there was an event about to happen.  It was a large run which was ending  in the central city. So we decided to get involved with everyone else cheering firstly the winners and then all the hundreds of runners and walkers as they finished around 10.30am.

After that we continued following our route map and eventually arrived at the Wawel castle, a huge set of buildings with many different styles all representing many different monarchs that had lived there over the centuries.

We were exhausted walking about 130 so returned to the city square for lunch and eventually returned to our room mid afternoon for a rest.

In the evening we had arranged to meet Monika and Julien, friends who had previously worked with Cath in Melbourne. Monika is Polish and Julien is French and are now based back in Krakow.  They generously took us to an authentic Polish restaurant for what was a really great evening.

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