Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Monday 15th October

We have had today planned for many months but started the day unsure of whether we wanted to go or not.

We were doing a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Our mini bus picked us and another Scottish couple up at 830 from our hotel. There was already an English couple on board and we were to pick up an American man. So the bus was full of English speakers and the one hour trip was full of bubbly conversation.

We arrived and were briefed on how the day would work. We were provided with head sets that allowed us to hear our English speaking guide. We now became part of a larger group of 40 people following our guide Monika.

I don’t want to put detail in the blog but suffice to say it was confronting as we moved through the various buildings and heard what had occurred in each. I have put only a few pictures in this post as it really is depressing.

The tour of Auschwitz took about 2 hours. We then transferred by bus to Birkenau ( about 2 kilometres away) which was very confronting again and huge in the number of once full brick huts, still standing, as well as the dozens of standing chimneys where there had once been many more huts.

The day was confronting but we feel it was important to see this place and hope that it could never be repeated.

On the one hour trip back to Krakow there was mainly silence.

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