Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Wednesday 17th October

So we arrived in Budapest at 830am on the overnight train from Krakow.

Trailing our cases through the station we were approached by the many taxi drivers wanting our business. We managed to fend them all off as we couldn’t check into hotel until 3 in the afternoon so we needed to kill some time.

We discovered my SIM card was not working ( very frustrating as it was Vodafone UK and was supposed to work everywhere we were going) but found a free wifi throughout the station.

We then took 60000 Forints out of the ATM (about $350) for our time here but soon discovered they were also more than happy to take Euros or pounds. We worked on a rough formulae in our heads of 1000 is about $6 Aust. Generally things seem cheaper than home.

Eventually we got to the hotel which we found is situated nice and central, surrounded by lots of cafes, bars and transport. The city has the usual Hop on Hop off bus system and is broken into 4 different routes but all of them meet at stop 1 which is just 100 metres from our place so for us a great and cheap way to get about. We bought a 48hour pass for 6500 ($40) and that gets us everywhere.

We checked in our bags and went on the first bus ride to get our bearings. Finally were able to check into our room at 2pm. It’s probably the biggest and nicest room we have so far on the trip, so pleased with that.

Sorted out our bags in the afternoon and keep trying to fix the SIM card but no luck.

We were given a 10% discount for dinner at the restaurant next door which was great until we discovered a 12% service charge. Still overall the meals were excellent and in total cost us about $65 including drinks.

We were looking forward to a real sleep after last night on the train.

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