Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Thursday 18th October

In Budapest for full day today.

Had a great nights sleep and didn’t get out in the streets until 930 this morning. Found a Vodaphone shop so sorted out the SIM card issue for the iPad.

Back on the bus we took the route that took us alongside the Danube river and into the markets area. After about an hour we left the bus to visit the produce market and had a wander around seeing the locals buy their fruit veg and meats. Fantastic atmosphere and then we moved up to the mezzanine level which was full of clothing, bags and gifts of every kind ( some tacky and some not). We bought some things to remember our time in Budapest including another bag to make it easier to carry our increasing ‘stuff’ to get home.

Then back on the bus to get back to base. Then decided to walk to the recommended Gerbaud cafe for what was now a late lunch. Impressive very old cafe where Cath had strudel and I had cheese and ham toastie.

After another wander through the streets and some of the department shops we got back to our hotel at 4 to rest the legs after another day of walking on the hard cobblestone and paved laneways everywhere we go.

Yesterday, when we arrived in Budapest, tired after the night on the train we felt it to be a bit chaotic and perhaps a little intimidating. Today however, we felt much more at home and started to appreciate its history and excitement. The Danube river is huge (compared to the Yarra) and the boats are everywhere. A lot of visitors to Budapest actually arrive here by boat along the river from the neighbouring countries. There are international docks in the centre of town.

Looking forward to another full day here tomorrow.


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