Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Saturday 20th October

Today we were travelling from Budapest, Hungary to Bratislava in Slovenia.

We had no tickets booked for the train so made our way to the station by taxi intending to catch the 11.40am train. We had at least an hour to get tickets sorted.

After finding the international ticket area we had to take a ticket to be served in turn. Finally at 11.35 am we were called up and purchased our tickets with about 3 minutes to get to platform 5 with all luggage. Platform 5 turned out to be about a 500 metre walk to the other side of the station (which had at least 24 platforms).

Of course, we missed the train and then had to wait another 2 hours for the next. The time went quickly as we watched the people and trains come and go similar to what we imagine it would have looked like 20 or 30 years ago. The station was very old school Eastern Europe and it felt as if we were still experiencing the remnants of the communist period.

Anyway we were soon on the train and heading west towards Bratislava arriving just after 4pm. We witnessed 2 Brit’s being removed from the train at some remote village as they had no tickets and were arguing the web site didn’t work properly when they tried to book them online (maybe our one hour wait to buy them at the station wasn’t so bad after all). Taxi ride at 20 Euros got us to our hotel next to the Danube river and a very short walk to the old town which we intend to explore tomorrow. Dinner in hotel.

Overall today was one of those very tiring days of travel where lot of time is spent figuring out which platform, carriage and seats to sit on.

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