Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Monday 22nd October

Off to the train station by taxi ready for the 10.10 train to Prague. We have been looking forward to Prague for a long time. We bought first class tickets for around 20 Euros extra and it certainly avoided the traffic jam trying to get onto the train in the few minutes it stopped at the station. Whilst we didn’t get a numbered seat we had the choice of half the carriage to choose from so it was a very pleasant trip. Our train was actually in its way right through to Hamburg in Germany so on arrival in Prague it was only stopping for couple of minutes so again had to get our growing number of bags off quickly.

On checking the sat nav on google maps on our faithful iPad we decided to walk or drag everything to the hotel which was in Wenceslas Square. It paid off and we managed to find it in about 15 minutes. We knew it was next to a Marks and Spencer store so that helped as a landmark.

We have an apartment here for 4 nights before we leave Prague on Friday. It has lots of room with a kitchen, washing machine. Luxury.

It was now late afternoon so after checking in we left everything ‘at home’ and had took a quick walk about the square. There were thousands of people wandering about and despite the cold we sat outside at one of the dozens of cafes and had goulash again for an early dinner.

Today was again mainly travelling and we were very tired so bought some ice cream, tea bags and milk at Marks and Spencer’s downstairs and had an early night.

Tomorrow we intend to go on a 3 hour city and castle tour which is initially in a bus but finishes with a 4 k walk through the castle and back to the old city.

We are considering making Berlin our last major stop in Europe before finishing in London on next Saturday week.

Above is view from our apartment window

Our apartment is the 3rd floor of the building with the small window panes over my left shoulder or above the tram.

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