Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Tuesday 23rd October

After quick breakfast of coffee and croissants we found our way to the main square and signed up for a 3 hour organised tour. There were about 8 in our group with a guide who worked very hard as he explained things in English then repeated it all again in Spanish. We travelled by bus through the old city before climbing up to the Castle which is more like a town of dozens of buildings and architectural styles surrounded by walls with several entry and exit points all guarded by serious military types (with guns) as well as the usual security checks that we have in airports.

We left the bus at this point and explored the castle. The flag was flying which showed the President was in his office somewhere in the mass of buildings.

The cathedral within the castle was massive with spectacular stained glass windows. One of the pictures below show the range of architectural styles in the castle in one view.

I forgot to mention a building pointed out to us whilst in the bus. It sat high above the surrounding buildings, and was simply a large grey box structure constructed under the communist period – a style referred to as “communist realism”.

We left the castle on foot and moved slowly down the hill finally crossing the famous 14th century Charles bridge, ending up at our starting point in the old city square.

It was a very cold day today and whilst we made the distance it was at times unpleasant as we were exposed to the icy wind within the castle and again crossing the bridge.

At the end of the tour we sought warming goulash and dumplings together with apple strudel.

I am getting a cold so hope to shake it off so we continue our exploration of this amazing place tomorrow.


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