Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Wednesday 24th October

Another day in Prague.

We awoke to the cold and rain this morning so decided to do go on a 6 hour tour out of town to Kutna Hora which is situated in the central Bohemian region of today’s Czech Republic. We figured it would be warmer and drier in a bus today.

Kutna Hora has a long complex history. My effort of summarising it is – It started with a monastery in the 1100’s but with the discovery of silver in the area became wealthy and prosperous and during the 13th to 16th century competed with Prague economically as the centre for trade. It became part of the Austrian empire in the 16th century and remained that way until the carve up of countries at the end of WW1 when it became part of Czechoslovakia. Then in 1993 it became part of the Czech Republic following the end of the communist period.

These countries have such complicated and sad histories. What must it be like to live through such major and often violent changes?

Apparently, also during the history of this town some soil had been brought from Jerusalem to be placed in the local cemetery which meant at some point the place was consecrated by Rome. This made it attractive to have yourself buried here.

I struggle to understand this part of the history of this town but it does mean today there is a huge church known as the church of St Barbara and a smaller church known as the church of bones.

It’s took about 90 minutes to drive to Kutna Hora on the bus and it was still raining on arrival so on with our raincoats for the first time in weeks. We explored the church of bones which was weird to say the least and then the massive St Barbara church which we were told had been built to show off the wealth of the region ( silver mines).

By 1 o’clock we were cold, damp and hungry and the tour group had a chance to eat in the village before we headed back to Prague.

This place is cold I bought a beanie on our return to keep my ears warm.

Another great day today. As we start off on the various tours we often wonder what we have got ourselves into but in all cases so far we end the experience thinking that was great.

Tomorrow will be our last full day in Prague so we are hoping for no rain as we want to go on a free walking tour within the old city and Jewish quarter that starts at 10 in the morning.

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