Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Friday 26th October

Travel day today.

We were catching the train to Berlin at 12.44 from Prague station so no hurry to get ready this morning. We still woke early though and were ready packed by 9 so went out for breakfast into Wenceslas square for the final time. Prague has been a great adventure over our 4 night stay.

We checked out at 1030 and got our 50 euro deposit back for the keys and left our comments on about the grotty old shower curtain and the broken blinds. Apart from that the apartment was good and in ideal location right in the square.

We again managed to walk to the station despite our growing luggage in about 15 minutes and then had to wait an hour to get on the lovely modern train to Berlin. A 4 hour trip. Most of the time you could hear a pin drop whilst the train sped along. We crossed over into Germany after about 90 minutes, stopping in Dresden and another dozen unpronounceable smaller towns on our way to Berlin arriving around 4.45 in the afternoon. Taxi to hotel 15 Euros – not bad.

Checked in to what appears to be a very swank hotel called Hotel Bristol ( wonder if there is a Hotel Berlin in Bristol). Unpacked as we are here for 5 nights.

We asked if we needed to make a booking for the evening meal in their restaurant and was told no you won’t need to, just walk in when you are ready.

So we did and discovered it was fully booked. Now we were pretty tired so when the restaurant manager said no, no room fully booked and simply waved us away and turned his back we were a little peeved. Cath went back to check in and very quickly communicated our experience not about the fact it was full but the way it had been communicated to us. Lots of apologies and apparently we should expect a sorry gift in our room today. Learning from this is don’t mess with Cath when she is tired and hungry.

Anyway, we put on the coats and wandered outside to discover hundreds of restaurant choices and ended up with some Thai food which was excellent and a welcome change over the goulash and pastries of last few days.

Looking forward to start exploring Berlin in the morning.

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2 Responses to Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

  1. Chris & Brian Birkett says:

    Hi you two, we love reading about your travels. Think I would have to give the goulash and dumplings a miss! Alma forwarded your blog address and so pleased she did! Enjoy Berlin!
    Love from Chris & Brian (UK)


    • walkingtotheend says:

      Hi Chris and Brian. Good to hear from you and that you are enjoying reading about our travels. We are in Berlin at moment but over to Dublin on Wednesday. Hope you are all well. Ian and Cath


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