Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Monday 29th October

Another full day in Berlin.

Very cold again. About 6 degrees was the forecast top today. Had to buy another thicker beanie so was able to give Cath my old one so she had 2 beanie layers on today.

On the bus for an hour and got off in the central area near the Museums, Cathedral and Riechstag Parliament building. Plenty to look at as long as you could keep out of the wind.

We checked out multiple key sites over about a kilometre stretch but to be honest we have probably had enough of these big impressive buildings now so decided to visit the river.

Once there we discovered there were boat tours so we signed on for the one hour session to get out of the icy wind and inside the boat that had heating. We got our seniors discount of 3 euros each and then spent the savings on some mulled wine advertised as mullet wine on the boat. Who knows? It warmed us up.

Was interesting seeing many of the major buildings from the perspective of the river . The boat was then stopped on the way to the starting point by a police boat in the river. Seems something was going on in Berlin today with roads blocked off as well as the river. The bus drivers were getting very frustrated but we were happy to stay in the warm vehicles.

Had pizza and soup for lunch and then found a great bookshop with a whole floor full of English language books so of course bought a couple. Cath bought me the Tim Winton latest.

We eventually got back to our room about 430 this afternoon after our final bus trip as our 3 day pass is now up.

Overall an easier day today with less interpretation to absorb but more wind and cold than we liked.

Final day in Berlin tomorrow so we will do some shopping and prepare for the flight to Dublin on Wednesday. We have a 23 kilo allowance each at check in so hope we can get away with that and our hand luggage as well. Our gear seems to grow each day with more souvenirs, books and clothes.

I can’t believe we are back on the plane to Melbourne tomorrow week.

The last 2 photos are taken from our hotel window.

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