Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Wednesday 31st October

Travel day today so no pictures I am afraid.

We took a taxi from the Hotel Bristol in Berlin at 9.15 to the Berlin Tegal airport. All very simple this morning and we were there in 30 minutes for 25 euros.

Passing through security was the most thorough we have experienced and Cath had a fairly personal check out by a female officer. Clearly Cath looked suspicious this morning.

On the plane for a punctual take off and we landed at London city airport on time at 12.30 where we were transiting to Dublin.

Even though it was a transit stop over we had to fill in the arrival card and go through the passport checks etc. I was chastised for spelling Cheltenham incorrectly on the card as I missed out the ‘e’. Pretty sure the guy was having a joke with me.

Then back through the carry on baggage security scanner where Cath was again pulled aside for having a suspicious something in her small carry case. They emptied it out and couldn’t find what had showed up on the screen and were getting pretty frustrated. I started to imagine this being all over the UK Border patrol tv show. In the end, with Cath now starting to help them with their search, they found a small bottle of hair conditioner that we had rolled up inside one of our travel towels. Eventually we were free to continue, with the security officer apologising for the mess as we repacked the bag.

This delay meant no waiting time for the next plane so we were on our way to Dublin, arriving in 55 minutes.

Another taxi to our apartment at Molloy’s Pub in Talbot lane. The taxi driver was a great lady and pointed us in the right direction for the best music pubs and recommending a restaurant in Dame Street.

We had to walk through the bar to check in to our apartment and this meant we were welcomed by an old guy at the bar welcoming us to Ireland and telling some jokes about kangaroos.

Our apartment is very clean and new and above the lounge bar downstairs so hopefully we will not get too much late night noise.

We ventured down for a dinner of fish and chips / bangers and mash and of course wine and a Guinness.

We’ll take the Hop on Hop off bus tomorrow and have the Guinness tour booked at midday.

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