Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Thursday 1st November

First full day in Dublin.

Walked about 2 ks to stop 1 of the Hop on Hop off bus routes.

Passed a nice little bakery and coffee shop whilst walking so had a nice breakfast of coffee/ hot chocolate and porridge. It’s was cold again this morning.

We jumped on the red route which took us past all the places we hope to visit over the next 2 days. Today we had booked tickets on line for our visit to the Guinness storehouse at St James Gate. A huge unused site that initially Arthur Guinness paid a 100 pound deposit for, and then 45 pounds per month until December 1759 when he managed to negotiate a 9,000 year lease, setting the same arrangements in stone. He was a forward thinking guy.

St James church is next door to the Guinness site and has always been the official starting point of the Camino from Ireland.

The visit was fantastic and much more than we expected. Apart from learning the brewery process and all that it entails we were lucky enough to be there on International Stout day (at least that is what we were told) and some of the staff produced a great show of Irish dancing. This all happened as we were drinking our pints of Guinness received as part of our entry. What could be better?

We then jumped back on the bus to get back to the city centre. Seems we hit the jackpot again as this particular bus driver didn’t play the standard recorded description of all the landmarks. Rather, he did it all himself intertwined with many jokes and songs at each red light of which there were many. It was the most entertaining bus trip we have experienced on this holiday to be sure to be sure.

Arriving back in the city centre we managed to find our way back to our apartment on foot and without referring to a map which was a first.

Tomorrow we hope to get to Trinity College and the Temple bar area.

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