Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Friday 2nd November

Second full day in Dublin.

We walked to Trinity College from our accommodation to arrive about 930. Amazing place with what appeared to be a student graduation with students in their gowns and parents looking proud and taking pictures.

We found the library and after a few minutes in a queue we were in to see the Book of Kells from the year 800 together with many other ancient books and documents together with some amazing documents and personal letters from WW1 visible only under glass.

Then up the steps to the library proper and the ‘long room’ which has 200,000 books shelved to the roof and only accessible by long ladders.

Our second aim today was to visit the Irish Emigration museum close to the Dublin docks. Again another great and interesting place to visit covering the amazing history of the Irish, their troubles, the potato famine and the various economic and political ups and downs. Of course all of these issues have led to millions of Irish travelling and settling in so many parts of the world and there was a mine of information about the effect this had on the destination countries.

We finished the visit with lunch in one of the adjacent cafes along with hundreds of local office workers.

We then jumped on our faithful bus to get to Temple Bar to visit the famous bars and Irish shops. We managed to get into the Temple bar pub and get a little video and some pictures. We had no hope of getting a seat or even getting to the bar to get a drink but the atmosphere was great. Next stop was Quays pub another 20 metres down the street where another band was playing and we managed to get a seat so had a drink and enjoyed the music for a while.

We then walked the rest of the way back to base and waited to have dinner downstairs in Molloys bar where a live band was playing Irish music at 7. We had our fish and chips, another drink and tried to listen to the music but had to give up after 3 songs as the crowd was too loud (mostly office workers having their Friday night drinks). We went back to our room to prepare for our return to London, where we are catching up with my cousin Jai and her husband Mike for a couple of days before flying home on Tuesday evening.

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