Cath and Ian’s travels 2018

Monday 5th November

Last full day in England and on our travels overall.

Today we walked into Windsor to visit the Castle, the home of the Queen and past Monarchs for 900 years.

There were queues waiting but we were in after about 25 minutes wait. Then around another 20 minutes to get through the security similar to what you experience in most airports ( not Berlin airport though – that had its own level of security).

The castle and all its various buildings and gardens are in fantastic condition and in a constant state of renovation and care. I understand some of the current works are still a result of the large fire in November 1992.

We received our head set to guide us through the grounds and buildings. We were able to take photos in most places but not in the State apartments where we moved through a series of special purpose rooms including –

The Waterloo chamber, the Crimson Drawing room, the Queens Drawing room, the Kings Drawing room, the Queens bedroom, Dressing room, Garter throne room and more and more.

There are apparently over 1000 rooms within the castle.

The Queen was in residence whilst we were there but we strangely did not see her.

Within the castle is also St George’s chapel where the wedding of Prince Harry and Meaghan took place. We were able to see the chapel in detail and it was amazing. We have seen many cathedrals, churches and chapels in our travels but this exceeded them all in both atmosphere and structure. Of course, it is also the burial place of so many past royalty including the Queens mother and Princess Margaret.

After 3 hours of wandering in awe we had had enough and started to find the exit and somewhere for lunch and also to rest the aching legs.

Our aim was to spend the afternoon on the Hop on Hop off bus but after waiting for some time, Mike called the company and was told it wasn’t running as the season had ended. April was the next bus. Not sure if the hundreds of tourists in town realised that since the pamphlets and posters on the bus stops advertise the off season. Anyway we wandered down to the river and decided to take a short cruise along the Thames whilst enjoying a brandy and dry and a pint of ale. This was our last day of our great adventure.

Windsor is an interesting and pretty little town but there seems to be an usually large number of people living and begging on the streets especially in the Castle area.

Whilst we have seen first hand sad homeless people in many of the places we have visited here in Windsor it was hard not to think that these people were perhaps not the genuine article.

I am writing this blog post on Tuesday morning and today we will be leaving Windsor in mid afternoon and heading to Heathrow airport (about 20 ks) ready for our Qantas flight home at 8.55pm UK time and 7.55am Melbourne time.

So no more blogs until a few days after we get back.

Hope you found our travels interesting.

We are looking forward to being home and seeing our family, friends and of course Pooki.

It will be great to feel the warmth of our summer and to soon walk on our beaches and for me (given Cath already had found work) to start looking for work in order for us to pay for the next adventure.

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