Sunday 4th July

Spent a full day in Mildura. Travelled into town to check it out. Fantastic parklands along the Murray full of people, dogs and steam boats. Blue sky’s but still very cold.

Back to camp mid afternoon and cleaned up things and prepared dinner. We had steak, cauliflower and carrots ( have to use up all the fruit and vegetables before crossing the border into SA on Tuesday).

Early night and in bed by 830pm. Going to be a cold night – forecast 2 degrees.

And below is our home for next 3 months and Cath – forgot to post this on Friday.

About walkingtotheend

A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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1 Response to DRIVING TO THE END

  1. Abigayle says:

    Wow that’s looks so cool and exiting.
    Dad send me the picture of you crossing the SA border and told me had to get tested, eww getting tested is yuck.
    Hope you enjoy the next 3 months miss you already and stay safe. xx Abigayle


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