Wednesday 14th July

Spent morning in camp babysitting our friends dogs whilst they went to see sunrise at Uluru. Unfortunately rain and grey clouds spoilt the sunrise but they were able to fit in the 10 k walking circuit around the rock whilst taking in the importance of the rock to our indigenous people as well as seeing close up its brilliant natural environment.

Later in afternoon the weather improved and Cath and I made another Uluru trip and checked out a section including water pools, rock paintings, brilliant rock formations and some beautiful trees.

Back to camp around 430 for wine o’clock and dinner of pumpkin soup (the last of the frozen dinners brought from home). Into bed by 8pm. Early nights are becoming the norm.

About walkingtotheend

A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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1 Response to DRIVING TO THE END

  1. Frances and Mick Rogers says:

    Photos are fantastic we are very envious


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