Apologies for such late posts. We have been out of range a lot and had some internet issues in several camp grounds.

We are currently in Caravan Park south of Darwin (40 ks). Have been here for nearly a full week and are off south to Katherine tomorrow followed by moving west to WA through Kununurra and Lake Argyle middle of next week.

We have not had a day under 34 this last week. Nights are only dropping to 21 so can be hard to sleep.

Visited Darwin yesterday, July 31 and visited the museum and foreshore. Was able to watch the Australian hockey team win on a large public screen. Explored the inner city by car ( about 36 degrees) . Back to camp to cool off in the swimming pool

We had a great day a few days back visiting Berry thermal springs and later Florence falls which were fantastic ( and much cooler).

Attached are a range of photos covering many of the locations and sights we have seen. I will put some references under the photo captions.

Termite mounds everywhere Litchfield national park.
Lizard saying hello near Florence falls
Florence falls at Litchfield National Park
After swimming up to under the falls and back
Having a run on Wagait beach
Morning sunrise in free camp (gravel pit) just north of Katherine
The famous Daly Waters Pub. Happy hour starts at 4 and stopped long after we left. Live music and great camp sites at back of pub .
Great roadhouse on road to Darwin. Good coffee and clean toilets with shaded gardens to sit and rest.

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