Tuesday 3rd August

Spent full day near Katherine. Had much better sleep last night due to lower temperature. Woke up under a doona for a change. Cath and I left Pooki with Roz and Roger and went on a Katherine Gorge boat tour. A fantastic experience was had although we nearly melted. No crocs to be seen. See some pictures below. Late this afternoon we looked after Roz and Rogers dogs, Annie and Rosie whilst they went on the same tour.

We are back on road to the west tomorrow. Into WA on Thursday after getting our approvals last night

About walkingtotheend

A Camino pilgrim - 2009
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1 Response to DRIVING TO THE END

  1. kfinnen@cva.org.au says:

    Looks so serene and relaxing. Makes one wonder about this working life, hey? Not all it’s cracked up to be – ha ha. Take care guys and enjoy the warm weather. Never the perfect balance.


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