Catherine and I (hence the Cain) are in our late fifties and have been blessed with two healthy sons and one wonderful grand-daughter.

We are hooked on travel and in particular adventure style travel. Melbourne Australia is our home but we are currently living and working in Auckland, New Zealand for a couple of years.

Over the past 10 + years we have been lucky enough to travel to several countries to satisfy our interest.

Starting in Egypt in 2000 we have since been to Morocco (Atlas mountains), New Zealand (many ‘great walks’), UK (Lake District and Cotswolds), Italy (all over) , Croatia (cycling Istria) and of course France / Spain – Camino 2009.

Our aim on this blog is to share with our family, friends and others some of the wonderful experiences we have had, and also plan to have into the future (including another Camino in April / May 2013). We also hope many will join us on future adventures or simply be inspired to take on their own.



As I approach my 60th year I have for the last 18 years worked for a not for profit organisation in both Australia and New Zealand (currently).  Our organisation facilitates volunteers from all parts of society and from around the world to get involved in helping our environment in practical ways.  It is a very rewarding position and has allowed me to follow my interest in nature and people into areas I never imagined as a younger man.

Into the future, health and finances permitting I hope with my wife Catherine to continue care for our family, enjoy our grand daughter, explore the world, do more Caminos, share more adventures and make more friends.

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  1. Cath says:

    I have decided I owe it to myself to purchase anew jacket!


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