Mt Feathertop May 2012

On the weekend of the 27th and 28th May 2012 our friends, Roz, Roger and Pierina joined us on a long planned walk up to Victoria’s second highest mountain – Mt Feathertop.  We had walked this once before but that was in summer.

This time we reached the snowline very early on and then had to walk almost 2/3rd of the walk in an ever increasing depth of snow. All very picturesque, but harder and harder on the legs.  Also the boots were getting wetter by the meter.

The Saturday was a full day of walking in the clouds.  It was hard to tell whether we had rain or snow but were getting very moist as we slowly moved up the mountain.

Finally, we reached the marker that said 1 kilometre to go to Federation hut (our planned overnight shelter).  The last kilometre took more than an hour as the slope steadily increased in grade and the snow was getting deeper and deeper.  We did consider turning back but it would have meant many hours of downhill walking in the dark – something we didn’t relish with the amount of energy we had left.

Finally, we reached the hut around 4 in the afternoon with the light getting dimmer.  The hut was not exactly welcoming but it did have a pot belly stove.  However there was no sign of firewood anywhere.  We were joined by another walker who thought there should be a bow saw somewhere.  He was right – there was a great ‘blunt’ bow saw.  Roger spent the next hour finding some very wet firewood and sawing it up.  We finally got a great fire going which took the chill of things and kept the temperature ‘reasonable’ all night.

We also managed to leave a good supply of ‘drier’ wood inside for the next visitors to the hut.

During the night there were high winds but we were all snug up in the sleeping bags. (I think it went through everyone’s minds during the night about how we were going to get down the mountain the next day with the wind and rain).

At daylight on the Sunday we were awoken by bright sunshine and ‘no’ wind at all.

The day was perfect (as the photos show).  After our breakfast of porridge and other delightful dehydrated treats we began the walk down.  As we moved down the mountain the temperature increased and we gradually dispensed with layers of clothing. 

We arrived back at our car by 1pm and then enjoyed coffee and cakes back in Bright – finally arriving back in Melbourne around 5.30pm

A wonderful weekend with great friends and in a very special location. 

Thanks to Katrina and the Waves for the music.

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